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Welcome to Brandaxis.

Our purpose is to add value to your luxury perfumery projects, and to share freely our experiences and savoir faire in an objective, unfiltered way.

We are here to help you create your perfumery story and transmit the power that lies within it, to the world stage.

What we do

We specialise in creating new brands, revitalising old ones and developing products that give a brand the edge it deserves.

We offer creative services that include Logo design, Corporate Identity management, Product and Accessory design, and a creative Consultancy to entrepreneurs, brand owners, and manufacturers of perfumery products.

In essence, we help our partners breathe life into their brands and steer their evolution over time.

Brand Identity

We create brand and corporate identities from stories and guide your brand’s image and its evolution over time.


Product Design

We conceptualise bottle+cap perfumery sets, along with innovative accessories, that make your products stand out.

Social Media

We create engaging stills and animated videos, in order to effectively showcase
your brand online.


We commence by developing a unique brand story, from where we extract all the codes to develop the brand’s identity: be it visual or emotional.

We then research and develop a product offering befitting the brand’s ethos.

Finally we act as brand custodians, to ensure consistency of your brand’s image throughout its evolution.


Our Work

in the thick of the action!

We have an impressive history working with global brands from a wide spectrum of industries: from luxury cars and cosmetics,          to beauty and baby foods.

However, today we focus exclusively on the world of perfumery, helping manufacturers as well as aspiring entrepreneurs realise their dreams of creating outstanding perfumery and cosmetic brands. From conception to finished products, we always stay true to the best interests of the brand. 

THIS IS what makes us
love THE challenge even more

There’s no greater award than a written confirmation of the positive impact we have made
in our partnerships.

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward de Bono. This explains exactly the way I see Bernard’s way of working: the creative person I know for over 30 years.”

Imad Bechara

Founder/Artist, BECHARA STUDIO

“Bernard has a clear idea of briefs and can think out of the box in all mediums. Extremely easy and professional to work with. He has worked with us on a permanent basis and on a project basis since 1988.”

Donal Kilalea


“What impresses me about Bernard is his honest representation, and relentless approach, in providing the best of the breed solutions in the creative space. He has earned his credibility from being a preferred vendor to a long-term Strategic Partner. Personally, over the last 18 years, I have also found a friend who seamlessly balances his work ethics and personal relationships. It is a continued privilege to work with him, to this day.”

Sundar Vasudaven

Principal Consultant, TRS CONSULTING

“Ce fut un plaisir de collaborer avec Bernard, qui se montre très professionnel et très humain. Il a une bonne compréhension de l’univers de la marque et une bonne vision à long terme. Je recommanderais donc vivement Bernard pour le développement de vos projets.”

Elodie Pollet

Créateur, EUTOPIE

Bernard est un graphique designer parmi les meilleures au monde, sa connaissance du métier ainsi que son sens de créativité font de lui un artiste. J’ai travaillé avec lui Bernard plusieurs années et étais toujours satisfait de son travail. Merci Bernard.

Mohamed El Jariri


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